Jeniva - Customer Relationship Management CRM, Content Management System CMS, Newsletters, Customer Databases, Manage Products, Stock and Specials online anytime.
Now Synchronises with Outlook & Exchange
Jeniva'a latest feature allows you to synchronise all your contacts from Microsoft Outlook and/or Microsoft Exchange to Jeniva. Any changes you make in Outlook or in Jeniva are automatically updated in both programs.
Referral Fee
For every successful referral to Jeniva the Member will receive one free month access to Jeniva.
Already have a web site?
Even if you have a great web site already, you can still install Jeniva and allow yourself complete control over your web site.
Your data will be stored in a secure environment with the following features
  • Daily Tape Backups
  • 24 Hour Active Monitoring
  • 99.99% Uptime (12 month average)
  • Datacenter protected by FM-200 Fire suppressant
  • Dual Generator Backup with 3700 litre (1000 gal) fuel reserve
  • Peak network capacity of over 650Mb per second (the equivalent of 451 T1 lines)
  • Triple secured datacenter

    Looking for a single, easy to use tool with the following features:

    Content Management System (CMS)

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Electronic Commerce System (ECS)

    Marketing Campaign Management (MCM)

    Customer Support and Online Help

    All of this for one low monthly cost that includes Web Hosting. New features and tools are added monthly to improve productivity.

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